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Guiding in the Oslo area

2. mai 2006

If you are a foreigner visiting the Oslo area, and would like to try some flyfishing, we have a limited number of guiding days available. The fishing will be within a 2 hour drive from Oslo. The type of flyfishing will depend on the season. Sea run brown trout in saltwater, northern pike, trout in lakes or rivers, sea bass etc will be possible.


20. jan 2006

Paddling technique

8. nov 2005

If you want canoeing to be fun and enjoy it as a motion sport, paddling technique is very important. Most of the canoes you see, zig zag along on the water in slow motion, and if you watch them from the shore it is almost impossible to tell where they are heading. This is not because canoes are slow, but because they are usually paddled by people without the right technique or with an inefficient technique. Two people in a good two man canoe (C2) should, with the right technique, be able to keep up with a person in a one man sea kayak (K1). With a good canoe I mean a modern canoe like the ones from amongst others, We-no-nah canoes.
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4. jan 2006

I have through the years written 10 books, 8 about fly fishing and two about canoeing (canadian canoes). All my books have been illustrated with a lot of pictures, mainly shot by me. My first book was Vi binder fluer (We tie flies) in 1986, the book was based on a series of articles in the magazine Jakt og Fiske (Hunting and fishing). The book has been sold in more than 10 000 copies and that is considered very good in Norway. It is still an ideal beginners book on fly tying. My book Imitasjoner (Imitations) was translated to Swedish and the first edition of Kanoboka (The canoeing book) translated to Danish.
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Norwegian version

4. jan 2006

For Norsk version, trykk på denne linken:


Sømme-puppa (Soemme-pupae)

11. okt 2009

Sømme-puppa is an imitation of a swimming caddis pupa. We had great success with this fly during a caddis hatch where different flies were refused. The hatching caddis had swimming pupaes that were taken swimming in the surface film. Superpuppa is usually a good fly to use during these conditions, but I was outfished by Kjell Sømme using his new fly when using Superpuppa and other caddis imitations. Feedback from other fishermen having tried Sømme-puppa with great success, and our own experience using this fly under different conditions, makes this a fly we recomend trying during all caddis hatches.
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Canoe group 2, week 27, Pina River.
Canoe group 1, week 26, Rynda River.
Trout Group week 33.
Canoe group 3, week 32, Rynda River.
My new book!
Finally the trout is rising again
Northern Pike and asp on the fly in Norway
Sea trout sesaon in saltwater is here
Winter visit to Florida
Slide shows
Flyfishing in freshwater


20. des 2006

Fly fishing is a fascinating form of fishing. Small, almost weightless artificial ”bait”, the thing we call a fly, is presented for the fish, hoping it will mistake it for the real thing. Se portfolio »


4. jan 2006

Most of the canoes you see, zig zag along on the water in slow motion, and if you watch them from the shore it is almost impossible to tell where they are heading. Se portfolio »

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