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Sømme-puppa (Soemme-pupae)

Start the fly like this. With a body made with Fly -Rite

Dubb extra body material on the hook and fold the foam.

Kjell with a nice trout taken with Sømme-puppa.

Sømme-puppa is an imitation of a swimming caddis pupa. We had great success with this fly during a caddis hatch where different flies were refused. The hatching caddis had swimming pupaes that were taken swimming in the surface film. Superpuppa is usually a good fly to use during these conditions, but I was outfished by Kjell Sømme using his new fly when using Superpuppa and other caddis imitations. Feedback from other fishermen having tried Sømme-puppa with great success, and our own experience using this fly under different conditions, makes this a fly we recomend trying during all caddis hatches.

11. okt 2009

Sist oppdatert: 11. okt 2009

Hook: Mustad R50 size 10-16
Thread: Your choice, but I use Danville 6/0 olive
Body: Olive or yellow Fly-Rite, we mix the Fly-Rite with a little Ice-Dub of the same color
Over body: Fly foam, black for the olive fly, brown for the yellow.
Hackle: Brown hen hackle.

Start by dubbing a thin body using Fly-Rite. Tie in the foam, cut to the width of the body, at the bend of the hook. Dub more Fly-Rite on the thread, now mixed with a little Ice-Dub, and finish the body. Fold the foam and tie it in close to the hook eye. Finish off with a large hen hackle tied as on a wet fly.

11. okt 2009   » Sømme-puppa (Soemme-pupae)

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